Someone is preaching if you want a usable interface then you have to do a boring one.
But is it possible to have a user-friendly and at the same time funny or immersive or emotional interface?
We think so.

Because feelings are the keys to the experience, and experience is all what we need to learn/remember/understand.
That's our mind, we remember a kiss not a technical graph.
The more people will be involved in digital media the more interfaces will be "natural".


Future interfaces will be the most natural and reality-like.
But to develop such an environment you need an uncommon experience in digital media and a fitting vision of world and life.
The same one we all have at iFace.

We think life is the first thing, everything begins from there.
And time is the soul of life.
So our work is made of time and life: we could live without such a work but we can't work without our life.
This is philosophy behind our creations and our style .