interface (in' tér èst) [inter-, face], n. A surface lying between two spaces.

That's it, even in digital world.
Space of contents vs. space of humankind, this is the struggle we are living in.

Until today interface role was to separate two different worlds.
But they are really not in conflict.
We can conciliate both of them and build experiences with great look and optimal interaction.
Something not only to use, something better to live, to make you think or
Just because emotions are the best experience in our life, we couldn't learn better by schemes.


We try to improve the present by imagining the future of digital world, not only the web or internet or multimedia.
We will have ever more digital world in our future and we'll still need
better interfaces on brand new technologies.

To get these goals iFace takes best tecniques in usability engineering and webdesign mixed with creativity and ingredient-H (human, what people really loves: art and poetry).

These makes iFace works unique, you'll love them too.