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2002 SHL Xmas digital greeting card
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iFace is a project on new digital interfaces.

Interface is the most important thing on digital media because it's the only medium between contents and users.

Interface is technology.

Now and in the near future digital world needs new interfaces, focused mainly on human being no more only on tech/graphical skills or cold engineering statistics. From web to cd-roms to the power of digital movies to new devices.

Digital spaces need new digital architects to make users feel and live.


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December 24th
2002 Christmas Digital Greeting card(external link) it's out, produced for SHL Italy.
This time Santa Claus has finally a little problem solver (no more little helpers!).
That's all folks, Merry Christmas and see you next year!

December 14th
E.Y.E.(external link) featured into WDE(external link) showreel at AIAP Animated Design in Riccione.

December 9th
"Il Riformista" tv commercial is on air on la7 tv channel.

November 27th
iFace works will be at Animated Design on December in Rimini (ITA).

November 14th
E.Y.E. is out!.
The project for a digital tv series with will be showed at SMAU Catania into "Monitor" event.
Soon web-version online here.

November 5th
Working on tv commercial for an italian newspaper.

October 1st
iFace features in Computer e Internet(external link) magazine, October issue.

September 10th
iFace will feature in next month issue of an italian computer magazine.

July 13th
Orlando Movie Project wins at Bardi Web Award(external link), Animation and Storytelling special prize!

July 8th
We will be at Bardi Web Award(external link) in Bardi on 13th.
See you there!

June 24th
Orlando is on FREeSHOUT!(external link) website for a Florence Fine Arts Academy event.

June 8th
New Orlando episode (named Metrņ) premiered at SMAU-Rome into "Roma fuori fuoco" laboratory.

May 18th
"Have a Nice Day" digital movie trailer is now online!.
Check it out in our hot links. This iFace film project will be complete and out very soon, in the meantime watch this trailer.

May 15th
iFace works will feature in June into Flash Design Awards at IED in Rome.

May 6th
Both Orlando and iFace website win Golden Web Award 2002 from IAWMD.

April 14th
We had a great time at X-Media Conference 2002(external link) in Florence.
Wonderful people from all over the world!
An online video excerpt from Luca's speaking will be soon available.

March 30th
Finally Exhibition! is ready to go.
It will be presented for the first time at next international conference in Florence.

February 26th
There's a new Orlando shortmovie!!.
It's a concept cotribution for X-Media Conference 2002(external link)

February 18th
iFace website enter in Flash Design Award 2002 shortlist at The Webmaster Republic (external link)

February 10th
We've developed a flash script for syncronize an animation with mp3 streaming, to make a puppet really dance to the music i.e.
Check it out on Fred Casadei website (coming soon).

January 25th
Luca Alagna, iFace director, will speak at X-media Conference, Digital Medina 2002 (external link), in Florence, on digital interfaces and urban communication.

January 2nd
Orlando wins Bitframe Festival (external link) in beautiful Porto Alegre (Brasil).

January 1st 2002
Happy New Year to everyone.
May 2002 be a peaceful year...

December 21th
There's a multimedia gift on cd-card for SHL-Italy internals this Christmas (soon online).

December 12th
Just released a digital Christmas greeting card (external link) for SHL.

December 7th
Mediainspiration (external link) add iFace in worthy 3D sites.

December 4th
So many forum threads about Orlando (external link).
(don't take it too seriously please).

December 1st
Working for SHL Group Italy.
We love human centered works.

Ouch! so many people visit us in a few days...!
Tank you! (you'll lead us to madness)

November 30th
Orlando (external link) is on PS4U (external link) (die deutsche Grafik-Community) homepage.

November 20th
iFace site is gathering some acknowledgements from Praktica (external link), Halfproject (external link), Karborn (external link), Pixelsurgeon (external link) and others.

November 5th
Disco duo ask us to product videoclip of their last song.
we've started and...ohhh

October 25th
Fred Casadei (worthy jazz musician) ask us to build his new experimental site.
why not Fred?! :)

October 20th
new site is on the way (mmmh, anyone for Jacuzzi's?).

October 8th
Orlando (external link) wins Castelli Animati!!.
Marco is jumping all around.

October 1st
out of Jacuzzi's at last.
it's time to work