We are not an easy-selling internet company.
We're a team of long experienced internet and digital media professionals focused on visual interfaces.
We follow a common project: to develop innovative visual interfaces to bring users to next level of interaction.
That's iFace.

Luca Alagna


We don't wear jacket just to have an affordable look, we wear first clothes we get in the morning dark (or we don't wear anything sometimes...).
You know, we were here when internet was no profit, and "digitality" was considered not more than a game, and we will be still here when majority of internet companies would have given up.

But we don't want to do everything in media industry, or become your homemate.
We prefer to focus on what we do better and leave everything else to our partners, people who does it everyday.

We design not only usable stuff, we try to be really "usable" and friendly people.
We think afterall it's the only thing that really counts.